1 Jun 2015

Q & A With Chef Parker Staring

Q & A With Chef Parker Staring

Born in Upstate New York Chef Parker Staring's cooking inspirations are heavily influenced in East Coast cuisine.  As the former Chef for the gentlemen of Beta Theta Pi at the University of Iowa, Chef Parker blessed his lucky clients with a broad mix of flavors infusing his influences with the Midwestern cuisine his clientele would long for.

Some of his earlier memories where his cooking aspirations started to take root, began in his grandmother’s kitchen—when he was very young and interested in assisting his grandmother with special holiday meals.

Once Parker’s grandfather informed him that he needed 20/20 vision (in which he did not have) in order to become what he truly desired—a Fighter Pilot, Parker decided that he would go after his second love of cooking and since then Chef Parker has never looked back.

As always, hats off to the chef!

Written by College Chefs, Tiffany Square 


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