20 Feb 2015

Improve Your Food Selfies

Improve Your Food Selfies


If I have not had the chance to introduce myself, here's my chance. I'm Tiffany Square, most of our chefs/employees know me as the HR assistant but I also write these blogs and I am the one responsible for posting College Chefs' food pictures onto our social media.

The reason that it looks like we have the best food in the fraternity & sorority catering business is because we do!  Most fraternity & sorority kitchens don't have a photo studio in them so we make best with what we have! 

On a daily basis I receive dozens of pictures which are then reviewed, cropped, & selected for our social media. The process that I have created for myself allows me to quickly review each photo and select the most appropriate.

There're several key qualities I look for in finding the "winning picture". Some of those qualities include lighting, angle, presentation, and overall creativity. 

While I am thankful and appreciative to all of our chefs and sous chefs who take the time to snap pics and send them to me, I have helpful information that can improve food "selfies".  

Hope you find this blog helpful.

- Tiffany Square
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