30 Jan 2015

Chef Gary Klein, Sigma Phi Epsilon @ UNC

Chef Gary Klein, Sigma Phi Epsilon @ UNC


I had the chance to catch up with Chef Gary Klein over at the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at the University of North Carolina. Gary and I had an absolute blast digging into his cooking experiences, funny stories on life, and him being in a metal rock band. 

From cooking for huge corporations, traveling as a regional chef, to signing million dollar food contracts as a food broker, there is no stopping Gary Klein when he is determined. 

Now situated in North Carolina cooking for 50+ young fraternity brothers at the Sigma Phi Epsilon house in beautiful Chapel Hill North Carolina, the next step for Gary is to become a Master Chef and he is holding himself to it. 

Read on and enjoy my Q&A with Chef Gary Klein

-Tiffany Square


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