16 Jul 2015

10 Kitchen Essentials To Survive College

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So you're are off to college living on your own now? 

Here's a list of ten items to stay stocked up on to survive those college years. 

As always, hats off to the chef


1. Bread, nothing fancy about it but trust us, you'll need it!

2. Peanut butter...to use on your bread or to take spoon fulls and eat 

3. Eggs, fast and easy to make, pretty tasty and cheap!

4. Cereal - that's breakfast, lunch, and dinner all-in-one 

5. Spaghetti noodles : Don't forget the sauce! 


6. Mac & Cheese - Nothing like a good ole mac & cheese 

7. Milk - Serves as a drink and something to bathe your cereal in

8. Oatmeal - Fills you up 

9. Ramen - In most cases you can buy a single package for less than .25 cents, plus lets face it, they are so good! 

10. College Chefs - Lets just throw away all the charades, if you are in a fraternity and sorority disregard the previous list and get on the gravy train to fresh from scratch cuisine...







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