6 Jan 2016

Meet Chef Eichele Shafer - Alpha Delta Pi sorority at Texas A&M

Meet Chef Eichele Shafer - Alpha Delta Pi sorority at Texas A&M

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Growing up on a dairy farm in Waller, a small town in big Texas, Chef Eichele knows first hand what life is like as a farm kid. “I have memories on the farm with my brother unloading bags of feed that were the size of us!” Her grandpa sold milk to Bluebell Ice Cream company and her grandma cooked all the time and cooked well. Growing up watching her grandmother and her mom cook inspired her. This inspiration lead her to the College of Culinary Arts at Johnson and Wales University in Denver. The university opened up the potential she had within herself.  Now the Chef for the women at the Alpha Delta Pi sorority at Texas A&M, Chef Eichele has found a great avenue to please her customers and satisfy her own passion for food.

At College Chefs, she feels there is an emphasis on creating “ridiculously good food."  She feels that the culture within the company is very personal. “You really get to work close with the client and establish a relationship,” she says. Shefurther explains that there are many levels and layers of relationships within the Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi) house at Texas A&M. You get to know the house mom, the women of the chapter and their parents, and the house staff.  

The top four genres of music you’ll find Chef Eichele listening to are Christian, Country, Disney songs, and 90’s Boy Bands. While you probably won’t find her binge watching TV episodes, she’s a huge fan of funny, light-hearted, kid movies. She tries to reflect her attitudes on life in the workplace.

To find out a bit more about Chef Eichele, scroll down to a brief Q&A.  Immediately below, check out some photos of the ridiculously good food that Chef Eichele has served:

The Q&A:

Q: What is your favorite food to cook?

A: International comfort cuisine. Things like Indian curry, Greek Shepherd’s pie, or even meat loaf. Things that sooth the soul. There’s so much you can do with different spices and ideas. My goal is to make people happy, and what better way to do that than through really good comfort food?

We couldn’t agree more!

Q: What is your favorite food to eat?

A: Mac and cheese and fried okra. Well I’m a health nut, but if I had to pick, especially considering my love for comfort food, it would be those. It’s actually a funny story, I had mac and cheese all the time as a kid and later I found out that my parents hate it; they made it just for me.

Q: What’s your favorite food memory?

A: Around the time that my mom really let me start cooking a lot, she decided we should have a contest. We made cream puffs, which were something that she made all the time and my dad really liked. So we decided to see whose dad liked better, and he choose mine!

Q: What do you do when you’re not cooking?

A: I’m a big runner, I recently started medal collecting. I’ve been running 10k’s for charity and in the summer, because it does get kind of cold here in Texas, I love to swim. I like to dance also. I’m a big fan of ballroom dancing and my friends and I like country western and we’ll go out dancing sometimes. [Beyond] swiming and dancing [...] I lead bible studies at my church; God is my pillar in life.

Along with the women at ADPi, Chef Eichele is currently getting ready for the second semester at Texas A&M.


By College Chefs' Danielle Gadus

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