7 Jun 2013

Three Quick and Easy Recipes for College Students

Three Quick and Easy Recipes for College Students

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At College Chefs we pride ourselves on delivering top quality food prepared by real Chefs to the young men and women of the Greek community. This service alone sets us apart from our competition in a few key ways. We also like to think that we set ourselves apart by being actively involved in Greek events, philanthropies, and much more. 

But perhaps one lesser-known aspect of our business is the level of involvement that we strive to maintain in the collegiate community on the whole. It's in that spirit that we proudly present something for both our Greek customers and college students in general. Here are three quick and easy recipes for college students the world-over. Enjoy! 

Spaghetti Bolognese

This recipe comes to us from Disney and is a great starter dish for any college student just breaking their way into the world of cooking. All-told the recipe takes about 15 minutes and has four servings. Better yet the recipe list is short and you'll only need one pot to cook it, something which is sure to please any college student with limited cooking space.

It's also a fairly open-ended recipe so feel free to experiment (try flaked Parmesan for a little extra oomph instead of the grated cheese the recipe calls for). You can find the Spaghetti Bolognese recipe here

Ham & Cheese Sandwich with a Twist

For a lunch offering we're presenting this Ham & Cheese Sandwich with a Twist. The recipe feeds two and has a similarly short ingredients list.

But what really sets this one apart is that, when done correctly, it combines simplicity and innovation to create food that is astoundingly delicious and wonderfully diverse. The dish combines elements of the standard grilled ham and cheese sandwich with french toast to create a immensely satisfying lunch sure to please any college student who endeavors to attempt it. You can find the Ham & Cheese Sandwich with a Twist recipe here

Lemonade Pie

Let's close out the list with the simplest and most diverse offering. This dessert take only three ingredients and 20 minutes to make. There's also a freezing time of four hours (although the longer you can let it freeze the better) so it's probably best made the night before serving, but if you have to prepare it before your first class of the day, it should be ready by dinner time. 

You can also do a lot more with this recipe than meets the eye. Any frozen juice concentrate you can find, you can use to make this pie. So if lemonade's not your thing, experiment until you find the perfect pie for your late-night snack. Without further ado, you can find the Lemonade Pie recipe here

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