12 Jun 2013

Our Three Favorite Weird Food Combinations

Our Three Favorite Weird Food Combinations

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In an effort to take a break from the seriousness that seems to always permeate within the world of Chefs (we're looking at you Iron Chef), we thought we'd offer three weird food combinations that we can't get enough of. We should stress that we're definitely not saying these food combos are incredible. What we are saying is that we love them - even if they are terrible. With that, let's dive into the wide world of weird food combinations. 

Dill Pickles and Peanut Butter

First up on our weird combos listing is the off-putting tang, but somehow welcoming sweetness of pickles and peanut butter. I first discovered this combination as a child in the school cafeteria and never looked back. It's definitely a combo you have to be in the mood for and it's possible that if you didn't come to it in childhood you may never enjoy it (mostly because it's a super weird taste). Warning on this one though - do not, I repeat do not make peanut butter cookies with pickles. Trust me - nothing good will come of it. 

Meat and Maple Syrup

This is one of those combinations that isn't as weird to some people as it is to others. Personally, I discovered this one eating pancakes with sausage links on the side. Some of the syrup got on the links, I gobbled them down, and I've been hooked ever since. While the combo doesn't work with all meats it's generally safe with pork, beef, and chicken. The great thing about this combo is that, unlike pickles and peanut butter, you can actually cook with it. Try marinating some sausage balls or hamburgers in maple syrup before cooking them if you don't believe me. You'll never look back. 

Bacon and Chocolate

So the baconsplosion is more or less over in the food world (and we're still unsure how it happened at all). But one positive that came from our collective adoration of everyone's favorite "breakfast food" is the chocolate and bacon combo. I'd honestly never tried it until last year or so. But, boy am I glad I did. Since then I've been experimenting with BaCho cupcakes, cookies, waffles, and much more. I know, I know. It sounds insane, but if you love both of these foods, trust me, you'll love them put together. 

So what do you think foodies? What are your favorite weird food combos? 

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