22 Mar 2016

Gyros: A Major Key

Gyros: A Major Key

They don’t want you to have a gourmet dining experience at your sorority house. They don’t want you to have healthy fraternity meal plan. They don’t want you to eat ridiculously good food that’s as great for your body as it is for your tastebuds. Stay away from them. College Chefs overcomes.

If you’re a fan of the popular app Snapchat, you’ve probably viewed to DJ Khaled’s famously inspirational account, where he dishes the inside secrets of success. Even if you haven’t seen his account first hand, chances are you’ve run into one of the countless memes floating around the internet or maybe heard your sixteen year old nephew quoting the guru without even knowing it. Now, I’m not saying he explicitly said Gyros made by College Chef’s Chef Matthew are a major key to success, but I’m also not saying he didn’t say that. Regardless of DJ Khaled’s opinions of our gyros, anyone with tastebuds can confirm, they’re a major key.

Watch the video below and click through the photos after that to ride with us through the journey of more… gyros.

(WARNING: watching this video after consuming a gyro may cause you to crave- ANOTHER ONE.)






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