7 Jun 2016

Breeding Company Culture

Breeding Company Culture

Picture a business meeting. See old guys in stuffy suits and frowns on their faces? Think again, scroll through the article to get an inside look at the College Chefs team.

“Our company culture is that of an approach from an altruistic standpoint [...] we really want to do a good service to the people that are our customers. We want the people to be excited to eat the food, we want the chefs to be excited to cook the food, we want the supervisors to be excited about the food. [I’m] really excited about the team we’ve built.” - Jake Sanders

    This past week College Chefs had its management, swing chefs, and supervisors meet in Champaign, Illinois for a supervisor training. The week involved fun activities like Kayaking and free discussions in meetings. “It was a great environment, there was great open discussion about the company, the future, and how to improve. That’s great for a company to allow everyone’s opinion to be heard,” said Paul Hyman, Swing Chef. Chef Liz Pelc at Chi Omega at Illinois State University, explained how great it was to be around so many like-minded individuals. “The chefs are located all over the country, it was nice to meet everyone in an informal setting. [...] Not only are they high quality chefs, they’re high quality people,” she said of the culture, “[the company] is really unique, really open and transparent.”

Heather Thomas, Special Events Coordinator, said, “it was a pretty laid back, fun environment. [We want] to keep everyone excited about the job and keep everyone in the loop.” As College Chefs grows, it’s  a priority of the company to maintain the rich culture that it’s established. “[It was] an open forum “let’s talk about everything”. [The best ideas] came from fruitful stories and people throwing out opinions,” said Swing Chef John Cagle.

College Chefs is far from corporate. When we have a company meeting with our supervisors  and swings chefs, we want them to see that we are laid back at the office, but we are also here to get things done. College Chefs training was a good combination of team building activities, discussing our successes and areas for improvement, but also just enjoying relaxed time together. After a couple of days of training, we went kayaking together-- 22 people floating down eight miles of river. Or so I was told we would be able to float down the river. There differently was a lot more to it and it was all new to me. I got stuck in the rocks and shallow areas more than a few times, but someone was always to my rescue. It feels great knowing I have a team behind me.” -Veronica Sanchez, HR Coordinator

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College Chefs employs classically trained chefs and provides food service for fraternities & sororities across the country.


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