27 Jun 2016

Meet Chef Don Spaulding

Meet Chef Don Spaulding

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“Look at all the stuff we can do with an egg, its crazy! […] I love to see when things start as one thing and transform into another,” Chef Don Spaulding at Phi Kappa Phi at Florida exclaimed as he described his love for the kitchen. 

He started off working as the butcher at the second largest hotel complex in California when he was about twenty-two. He worked his way up the ranks there until he could no more. So, he went to a fine dining restaurant and for two years he bugged everyone he could get his hands on to learn food. Chef Don credits this time to making him a hard worker and teaching him the ins and outs of a restaurant. He also stated that he developed his craft and understood the art of culinary science better during this time. 

“The thing I like about [College Chefs] is that every chef is a professional and cares. You can’t teach or learn that. […] I’ve been in the business all my life, it’s hard to find people that really care- it’s amazing.” he said explaining what he likes to brag about. Chef Don has experience working other food service jobs where the attitude was “ugly”, but with College Chefs he describes the focus and commitment all employees have to ensuring that the customer is genuinely happy and loves what we’re doing. “I love my job, I love what I do. You make a difference.”

Other than cooking, Don loves to play the guitar, a hobby he’s had since he was a kid and ride his Harley, “It’s my baby.” He’s also a self professed Walking Dead addict.


Check out his Surf and Turf. Served with a side of rice and bread stick.





Q: What is your favorite food to cook/eat?


A: I have a thing for pastas and sauces, it’s not super impressive but it’s what I love. There’s an endless amount of stuff you can do with it! I really like [to eat] Italian food, so mainly that. I love Mexican too.


Q: What’s your best food memory?


A: My mother didn't cook very well, she was horrible. My best memory was the first time I learned to make beef Wellingtons, I’d never heard of meat in pastries! It was so cool. [Don can hardly contain his love of the dish.] Ahhh! It’s so good! It’s amazing!!.


Q: Do the girls in your house have a favorite dish?


A: YES! Chicken Parm, if they ate it everyday they would never complain. I make it from scratch and they lovee me! I’d tell you if they didn't like me, but I get direct feedback.

By College Chefs' Danielle Gadus

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