7 Jul 2016

Meet Chef Dean Chadwick

Meet Chef Dean Chadwick

Cooking is a natural thing for Chef Dean Chadwick at Gamma Phi Beta at UC Berkley, who learned how to cook when his parents were busy with work. At fifteen he worked in a restaurant where the chef was so inspirational, he was motivated to make a career out of cooking. He eventually moved to Orange County and attended the Art Institute of California. He later moved to the central coast of California and experienced the culture of good local produce, wine, and food. He cooked in an American/Californian style French restaurant wile finishing business school.

Dean described the company culture as “forgien” Working with a team where everyone involved, from all areas of the country, is united, working towards one purpose. “[We’re] one of the few companies I’ve seen do so,” he said. It’s an innovative way of thinking that we carry through all aspects of the business and the food we create. He continued to explain that, as a chef, you're allowed room to grow and learn by not being stuck in one kitchen following tedious direction.

Chef Dean and his wife travel to Japan four times a year, so it’s no wonder that his favorite foods to eat are Japanese cuisine, Raman, and “real cultured sushi.” He also enjoys cooking Vietnamese Pho. He credits the Japanese culture for influencing his culture the most. Ideas of being technically skilled, humble with clients, and subtle in person reflects in his approach to food and final products he serves.

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Q: What do you enjoy doing when you're not cooking?

A: I go rock climbing four times a week […] traveling would be my number one. I travel as much as possible. I love checking out different bars, rums, mixed drinks.


Q: What’s your favorite music to listen too?

A: Jimmy Buffet, anything with  an island feel.


Q: What dish is consistently a hit at your house?

A: Anything with potatoes, bacon, cheese, especially all three! They eat anything with that, also fruit. They’re pretty healthy here.


Q: Are there any TV shows that you try to keep up with?

A: Vikings and Game of Thrones.


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