16 Jul 2013

Chef Jared Bost - Director of Operations

Chef Jared Bost - Director of Operations

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Nestled along the western edge of the Appalachian foothills and the banks of the Scioto River in southern Ohio rests the historic town of Chillicothe. Perhaps the best description of Chillicothe comes from a motorcycle tour of the town in which the host passes a park in the city-center and then relays that, “There’s not much else here.

And it didn’t take Chef Jared Bost long to realize the town didn’t hold many prospects for him either. After being raised in Chillicothe, he relocated to Columbus to attend The Ohio State University. While in school full time, Jared also continued working in corporate kitchens which he had been doing for a number of years prior. Then Jared, "came into his own" when he accepted his first managerial role at a restaurant called “Spagio.” The establishment was as focused on creating a relaxing atmosphere for its patrons as it was with preparing delicious food.

While working at Spagio and attending school full time, it didn’t take long before his priorities began to shift from education to the world of food. He stayed at Spagio until he was 25. Then, he packed his bags and headed for southern California to work as the Chef de Cuisine at "Furnace Creek Resort" in Death Valley National Park.

Jared says the combination of those two managerial experiences are at the backbone of everything he does as a Chef. At Spagio, he discovered his own unique taste and cooking preferences which he describes as, "Fresh, vibrant, California-inspired cuisine. Mediterranean, South American, and Asian inspired food.”

Death Valley treated Jared well, giving him the opportunity to work with Chefs and students from around the globe. But after seven years, Jared would find himself back in the Midwest. Following his daughter’s birth, Jared and his wife decided that it was time to move closer to both their families. They relocated to central Illinois and he got a job as the Executive Chef at a new restaurant called “Salt.”

While he still enjoyed cooking and the pressures associated with running a fast-paced kitchen, Jared started looking for something different. After responding to an online job posting and having an open dialogue with College Chefs’ owner Kevin Gadus and General Manager of Business Operations Dave Tarrant for over a year, Jared finally came on board with the company as a Chef Supervisor in July 2012.

Jared’s emotional connection to food is one of the strongest I’ve seen. This is perhaps no better relayed than in his expression of his favorite food memory:

My mother would make homemade chicken and noodles. Very Midwestern food. And she would always roll her noodles out, cut them with a pizza cutter, and leave them to dry overnight. My brother and I would always eat like half of them before the next morning.

He doesn’t think of the incredible meals he’s had over the years (of which there are many) or even those he’s made. For Jared, a simple batch of noodles and late-night snacking sessions (largely mischievous in nature from the sound of it) are at the core of his favorite food memory of all time.

Jared’s also an outdoorsman at heart. He calls southern Utah, “The most beautiful place you will ever see.” He hikes, camps, golfs, travels, and goes to concerts whenever possible. He doesn’t like to eat or cook with organs or innards of any sort (even though he acknowledges this brings him a lot of flak in the food world) and he admires Jamie Oliver’s attempts at reeducating the nation's school systems on cooking and proper nutrition.

Jared’s also responsible for the most specific last supper meal response I’ve ever heard, “Veal Osso Buco, volcano shank. With some roasted root vegetables and some potatoes lyonnaise with a real rich demi-glace. Maybe some porcini mushrooms. And a big, German beer.”




UPDATE:  Beginning Fall 2015, Chef Jared was promoted to the Assistant Director of Operations.

UPDATE:  As of June 2016, Chef Jared was promoted to the Director of Operations.


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