1 Aug 2016

Ridiculously Good Food starts with Ridiculously Good People

Ridiculously Good Food starts with Ridiculously Good People

Update from College Chefs' GM Dave Tarrant:

At College Chefs we want to be the best possible vendor to our customers and the best possible employer to our Chefs and supporting staff.  

Our goal is simple:  We want our employees and our customers to love us.  We know we're not perfect but with love comes great communication and the ability to overcome any challenge that presents itself to the relationships that we hold so dear to our customers & employees.

To better serve our fraternity & sorority customers, this past Summer we have restructured our Operations Team significantly to help us better achieve that goal:  

Chef Jake Sanders is no longer the Director of Operations; he has moved on to work with Chef Placement Services -- a sister company to College Chefs -- which is a placement firm that places Chefs in places like hotels, restaurants, & casinos.  They’re doing some very cool stuff over there and they’ve taken pleasure in changing lives for hundreds of Chefs that they place in dream jobs across the country.  For those of you that know Jake he still has the same phone number and still has his College Chefs email so feel free to give him a shout-out at anytime.  

Chef Jared Bost has taken over the position of the Director of Operations.  Jared has been with the company for about 5 years now starting out managing his own territory.  Jared is not only a ridiculously good Chef, he's a very cool guy, and it’s not surprising that his transition into this role has been rather seamless.   Click Here to learn more about Jared.

Chef Scott Bachman will be assisting Jared.  Scott’s title officially is the Assistant to the Director of Operations, which is a fancy way of saying that Scott is Jared’s right-hand man.  Scott will not directly oversee a region but rather have the freedom to move about the country so to speak -- he’s going to help Jared manage our team in just about any way possible.  Click Here to learn more about Scott.  

Other key players; all chefs:  Kevin Page, John Cagle, & Justin Ellingwood are taking on the role of Regional Directors.  They will each manage a territory within their given regions.  They will oversee and be the key decision maker for all things ‘operations’ in their region.  

Supporting our Regional Directors will be our Area Managers.  Again, all chefs:  Paul Hyman, Eric Inscho, Charlie Niewadomski, Logan Richmond, Robert Schumacher, Bob Snow, & Aaron Twitty.  This team will support our Regional Directors and have a daily, constant communication & dialogue with our Head Chefs.  They will work directly with the Head Chefs in each one of our houses to work on menu writing, ordering, etc.  Last but not least is Special Events Coordinator Heather Thomas.  Although not a Chef by trade, Heather's knowledge in the event space is vast and her organizational acumen is unmatched, making her a huge asset to the Operations Team.

In this business we are only as good as our people.  We have phenomenal Chefs and even better people.  This team will work to eliminate obstacles for our Chefs, get them back on track when they need it, and generally maintain our excellent reputation as both an employer to our staff and vendor to our customers.  

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