26 Sep 2016

Human Mattress Dominoes 2016

Human Mattress Dominoes 2016


Click Here for the local news media coverage of the event.


Human Mattress Dominoes – State Record

On Saturday, September 25, 2016, members of the Champaign-Urbana community broke a state record in Human Mattress Dominoes.  More importantly the community donated well over 200 bed-bug & mold resistant mattresses to local shelters in the central Illinois region.

College Chefs & Chef Placement Services had the privilege to be the premier sponsor of this event.  Special thanks to all employees and their friends & families that donated their time to this great cause.  

Special Thanks to the other event sponsors including Big Mike & John and their crew at This Is It furniture for making this whole event possible.  Special thanks to the Champaign Park District and the Boys Scouts.  Special thanks to our very own Paula & Gary of Central Illinois Produce for using your truck and for delivering some of our mattresses to those in need immediately after the event.

If you can't tell from the video everyone had a blast!!!   And we are looking forward to breaking the world record!!!

*The young child in the pink is okay too (see video above).


Featuring CPS' Josh May and College Chefs' Dave Tarrant setting up for the main event.


Check out the drone footage:


Big Mike and his crew deliver over 200 mattresses to local shelters and families.  



College Chefs, purveyor of #RidiculouslyGoodFood for fraternities & sororities, was the main sponsor for the Human Mattress Dominoes.  

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