18 Feb 2017

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity at Idaho - Meet Chef Matt

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity at Idaho - Meet Chef Matt

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UPDATE JULY 2017:  Chef Matt will be moving to take over the Head Chef position serving the women of the Delta Zeta sorority at the University of Idaho.  

Meet Chef Matt Norris.  Matt is the Chef for the men of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity at the University of Idaho.  To describe Chef Matt in one word: passion.  It shows in his food and in his enthusiasm for the craft of cooking.  A true culinary enthusiast, Norris wastes no time in trying new things and is constantly expanding his culinary horizon.  

According to Regional Director, Chef Kevin Page, "Working with Matt is always a good time.  He exudes such a passion for his job and works so hard to provide phenomenal food for his guys and for College Chefs.  He is always trying new things and pushing the envelope."

Page continues, "We first hired Matt a couple of years ago for a position in Oregon where he absolutely killed it.  He has since relocated to the Pullman-Moscow area and is really helping to elevate the food in this market for sure.  We have excellent Chefs in the area and Matt definitely is a great addition to our team there."

Chef Matt is known for #RidiculouslyGoodFood but eclipsing his cuisine is his undeniable passion for the art.  Check out some of Matt's photos below.


Banh Mi Sandwiches 

Homemade Pasta

Muffin-tin Sliders

Cilantro and Lime Fish Tacos with Smokey Black Beans & Green Chile Rice with a Tangy Slaw

Street Food Challenge (which was not about taking a picture of food while on a street but Chef Matt went the extra mile):  Cuban Style Panini with Cuban Bread and Cuban Pork, Damn Tasty Pickles, Ham, Mustard and of course Buttered on each side.  Served with Housemade Sea Salt Ridged Chips and a Tangy Fennel & Orange Arugula Salad

Traditional Gyro with tasty Lamb, Housemade Tzatziki, Cherry Tomatoes, Shallots & Garlic, Romaine Lettuce, Black Olives & Feta.  


Check out Chef Matt from his days in Oregon:




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