23 Mar 2017

Gamma Phi Beta at Iowa - Chef Rob & Sous Chef Angelica

Gamma Phi Beta at Iowa - Chef Rob & Sous Chef Angelica

Turning your first love into a career?  Sounds like a dream.

For Chef Rob Bly at Gamma Phi Beta at Iowa, it’s his reality. He grew up with his mother cooking old school dishes from scratch- with no recipe. “They want us to play with our food,” he says of College Chefs. The goal is to make rockstar food while embracing influences from French Cuisine to Midwest Classics. “[To] take something and do my own twist, really brings the kid out in me.”

He further explained his gratitude of the ability to tailor his menu. “Because there’s no set menu

it’s your imagination, desire, work ethic that make it happen [...] it forces you to broaden your style and skill set and become a better chef.” Growing up in the Midwest, Rob can appreciate when chefs can make basic food shine, “Anyone can make caviar taste good.” 

While the man can whip out some ridiculously good food, his go to guilty pleasure foods are pizza and chocolate! Always eager to take on a food challenge, he aims to  just have fun and do his own thing in the kitchen. He takes a  no frills/ back-to-basics approach where when cooking for the women of Gamma Phi Beta. A man of humble wisdom, he’s always searching for ways to improve, whether in terms of presentation, rounding out flavors, or simply communicating with other people.

 At Gamma Phi, Chef Rob is supported by Sous Chef Angelica Henry.  Assistant Director of Operations, Chef Scott Bachman says, "Angelica is a great Sous Chef and supports Chef Rob very well.  They consistently put out rockstar food, adding their own twist to tried and true classics. They make a really great team."

 "Rob is a stand out Chef, but he has a humble attitude that works so well with the company.  He's  always trying new things on his menu, something that the ladies in the house love. At the end of the day his love of cooking and passion for College Chefs shine through.  Combine that with a strong, highly skilled Sous Chef in Angelica, it's no wonder that the food at this house is so good on a consistent basis." Bachman Concludes.

By College Chefs' Danielle Gadus

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