20 Apr 2017

College Chefs’ Sponsors IlliniThon: the Miracle Network Dance Marathon at the University of Illinois

College Chefs’ Sponsors IlliniThon: the Miracle Network Dance Marathon at the University of Illinois

Recently, College Chefs sponsored the IlliniThon Dance Marathon benefiting St. John's Children's Hospital of Springfield, Illinois. Over 700 students came out to participate raising a grand total of $310,586.17.  The event is part of the Miracle Network Dance Marathon which has raised over $150 million dollars since 1991.  

According to College Chefs' GM of Business Operations Dave Tarrant, "We are extremely proud to sponsor this event and quite frankly blown away by the hustle and effort the students put in.  I was even more impressed with the results as they blew away their total from last year which was also a huge number."

Tarrant continues, "Myself included, there are several Illinois graduates at College Chefs and needless to say we're super proud of our fellow Fighting Illini.  But even outside of Champaign-Urbana, we get to sponsor hundreds of philanthropies with our chapters that we serve around the country and to see the love and effort that these young people put into their causes is so refreshing.  I think that it says a lot about the young men & women that we serve and how serious they are about giving back."

ForTheKids #FTK




On April 1st, 700 college students came together to raise money for HSHS St. John’s Children Hospital. But more than that 700 college students came together to have fun. IlliniThon is amazing in that we raise money for an outstanding cause and we are all in for the kids, but it’s about more than just the money, which was made clear at the Big Event.

At the Big Event, IlliniThon came together to give miracle children a night of their childhood back that may have been otherwise been spent in a hospital. This was accomplished through dancers cheering when miracle children ran in the room during opening ceremonies, through games and tournaments throughout the night, through the Morale Dance, and even through writing the children letters and interacting with them one on one.

Dancers had the opportunity to take pictures and play games for an entire night. While it was tiresome at times, especially around 3-5am, there was never a dull moment. Meals were served, theme hours were held, group games were organized, performers came, and the dance was taught. Even during dull times dancer’s always had plenty of options of things to do to keep them on their feet.

On April 2nd, early in the morning at 8am, closing ceremonies were held. The efforts of the dancers and the organization had come to a close for the year. The Morale Dance was performed for the last time, and it was time for the total reveal. As everyone gathered to watch the numbers go up, it was inspiring to see how much everyone was really there for the hospital and for the kids. At the end of it all $310,586.17 was raised for St. John’s Children Hospital. $310,586.17 was raised for thekids.

This year has been truly amazing. So many amazing events were held throughout the year, and the Big Event was greater than it has ever been before. It will be absolutely amazing to see what 2018 holds, as it can only get better from here.





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