24 May 2017

Alpha Chi Omega at UCLA - Chef Natalia

Alpha Chi Omega at UCLA - Chef Natalia

Meet Chef Natalia Ivanova.  Head Chef and the leader of the College Chefs team serving the women of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority at UCLA.  

Chef Natalia grew up in Ukraine, with a small farm and a huge garden in her home. “Everything on the table was from the garden, the fruits and vegetables were preserved for winter, sausages and meats as well,” she describes. While preserved fruits and vegetables were good, Natalia believes that the texture and flavor of produce always yields the best results in season. She first discovered her love of cooking when she was 14 years old, making bread pudding from a recipe out of a magazine.  She branched out into the culinary world from there experimenting with new foods and recipes.

Bringing a freshly made, well balanced meal, from scratch, to the women of the chapter is a primary goal for both Natalia and the general College Chefs culture that she describes. While she tries to provide variety with her menu, the women of Alpha Chi Omega often ask her to repeat dishes again!

Area Director Scott Bachman says, “Natalia has been a fantastic asset to the College Chefs team. She has a great work ethic and a model attitude. Her personality absolutely clicks with the ladies in the chapter. Of course her food speaks for itself! She is in tune with what AXO wants/needs from their food service and hits the College Chefs concept out of the park!”

Check out some of the food by Chef Natalia and her team at the Alpha Chi Omega sorority at UCLA:

Written by College Chefs' Danielle Gadus

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