24 Aug 2017

Homemade Ice Cream by Chef Matt - Delta Zeta sorority at Idaho

Homemade Ice Cream by Chef Matt - Delta Zeta sorority at Idaho

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I scream, you scream… for Hot Tamale ice cream?  Chef Matt Norris has a passion that shines through in his food, and he brings that passion into his ice cream now, too.  Norris is no stranger to trying new things, and that will become clear when you hear some of his new flavors he’s whipping up.

Chef Norris’ first job ever was working at a Baskin Robbins when he was 15, for the sole reason that he needed a job and it was the only non-fast food place hiring.  Little did he know that life would come full circle and ice cream would become one of his passions.  Fast forward, and Norris sees a Craigslist ad from a person that was in the middle of finishing her ice cream cart.  He had just moved from Sacramento to Oregon and did not know anybody there at the time.   This cart was a great opportunity to meet people.  He went to check out the cart, which had a complete inventory and even had a motor on the bike, which both helped in his decision to take the cart and start having some fun!

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Orange Crush, and cinnamon chai are just a few flavors of his endless frozen creations.  Norris gets some of the inspiration for his flavors from his childhood, but he also just loves to make flavors that nobody has ever had in ice cream.  Hot Tamale candy flavored ice cream is his best flavor going right now, and also has to be one of his more out-there ideas.  With his talent and excitement, not many people would be able to guess Norris’ personal favorite flavor: vanilla.

Chef Norris is thrilled to be able to test out new flavors on the women of Delta Zeta sorority at Idaho this 2017-18 academic year.  

Check out some of the photos from Chef Matt's ice cream below.  

By College Chefs' Kylie Sullivan


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