21 Jan 2014

College Chefs Prepared for the Winter Storm!

College Chefs Prepared for the Winter Storm!

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On Sunday, January 5, the Midwest was slammed with blizzard conditions and much colder than average temps. But that didn't stop College Chefs from feeding its customers! We talked to Jake Sanders, Director of Operations for College Chefs, to find out how they battled this storm while not letting its hungry houses miss a meal. 

The hardest hit area for College Chefs was its Indianapolis-area houses. The mayor of Indianapolis declared an emergency state with a red travel level, which means it was illegal to drive on the roads (unless driving an emergency vehicle). Because College Chefs was prepared for the worst-case scenario—unlike college catering companies that don't even try to meet their customers' needs in rough weather—they were still able to get some services out. 

"In one case, we were able to walk our customer's House Director through the process of getting a basic meal to the students," Jake said. "In addition to having some preparations in house even when our chefs couldn't be there, we had all of our staff on call and ready to get in the chapter houses immediately after the mayor lifted the ban on driving."

College Chefs never used the mayor's order as an excuse to take a "snow day." 

"We always have a plan in place," said Jake. "You know the storm is coming well ahead of time, so our chefs immediately make preparations. And if a chef lives out of town, we'll get them closer to the house by finding a hotel or somewhere else for them to stay. Our chefs' safety is a priority, but so is our promise of guaranteed service."

"At College Chefs, we take pride in offering our services flawlessly throughout the U.S.," Jake said. "We guarantee that our customers will not miss a meal and that is something we take very seriously—and I think our track record proves that."

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