22 Jan 2014

Five Food Trends for 2014

Five Food Trends for 2014

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1) Sandwiches made of ice cream!
These aren't your typical layer of vanilla ice cream between two pieces of chocolate flatbread. Oh no. It's dealer's choice when it comes to ice cream flavor, and people are putting it between cookies, Pop Tarts, and even cakes!

2) Tea in everything!
Tea has always been a very popular drink, and the success of Starbuck's first Teavana Fine Teas + Tea Bar shows this drink has staying power. But more and more culinary visionaries are using tea leaves in desserts, dry rubs, and baked goods.

3) Staying local.
From produce to meat and dairy, buying as close to home as possible is a movement that continues to gain strength. 

4) Keeping allergies in check.
Food manufacturers are taking heed when it comes to consumers with allergies. This year, you'll see more gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free foods. Why? Because people with allergies should enjoy all the awesome foods non-allergy consumers get to eat!

5) Bread is in again!
Thanks to the Paleo diet and various carb-free diets, bread had a period of unpopularity. But it's back! Bakers are experimenting with flavors, forms, and where bread belongs in the hierarchy of the meal. 

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