29 Jan 2014

In the Works: A College Chefs Cookbook!

In the Works: A College Chefs Cookbook!

That's right! College Chefs is in the concept stage of an exciting, new cookbook!

"Although our staff doesn't rely on recipes (being classically trained chefs), this cookbook will be for people who are interested in trying some cool and fun new food!" said Dave Tarrant, College Chefs' General Manager of Business Operations.

The recipes will follow College Chefs' mission of changing the way people eat by improving the quality of food people put in their bodies. That means removing processed and frozen foods as much as possible while offering simple, repeatable dishes a non-chef can make. 

"There are literally millions of cookbooks out there," Dave said. "But trends in cooking are an art, just like fashion or music. It never ends, and there will always be new ways of doing things. It's an exciting time in the culinary world!" 

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