24 Apr 2014

Fire Up the Grill!

Fire Up the Grill!

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Whether your prefer gas or charcoal, it's finally time to bust out that grill! Here are a few things you may not know were grill worthy.

Grilling isn't just for steaks, burgers, brats, and chicken anymore. Tons of foods are worthy of your chapter's grill. Here are some you may want to ask your College Chef to put on the menu soon!

First, you'll need a pound cake cut into 1-inch slices. Heat the grill to about 350˚ F. Put the poundcake slices on the grill and close it. Wait about three minutes; flip the slices, and wait another three minutes. Top with sorbet, and you have a delicious, and simple, dessert.

Halloumi cheese tastes great fresh off the grill. Either cube the halloumi for skewers or slice it, and brush each piece/slice with olive oil. Place it on the grill over medium heat until it is light brown and crisp, and serve immediately!

Romaine Lettuce
You're probably thinking, "Lettuce? C'mon!" But romaine lettuce is sturdy enough to hold its own on the grill. Cut a head of romaine in half horizontally, brush both halves with olive oil, and add salt and pepper. Throw on a medium heat grill, and cook each side for two to three minutes. Then top with your favorite dressing. 

What a great idea for your sorority or fraternity! Set the grill to high while you prepare the watermelon. Cut a watermelon into 1-inch thick slices, quartered. Rinse each slice and lightly salt. Put them on the grill for about five minutes for a sweet and savory treat that can feed a house full of hungry people!

What's your favorite weird food to cook on the grill?

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