1 May 2014

Making Grilled Cheese Amazing!

Making Grilled Cheese Amazing!

Most fraternities and sororities have a grilled cheese sandwich on their menu at some point in time, and there are some pretty cool ways to spice up this already-delicious sandwich.

Want to know how College Chefs improve upon the grilled cheese sandwich for your fraternity or sorority? Here are some of our chefs' secrets.

When they use a crumbly or hard cheese like white cheddar, they sometimes blend it in a food processor with a small amount of liquid like white wine or chicken stock to make the cheese spreadable, gooier, and easier to melt. It will also stick to the bread more easily.

To add a little flavor to the butter College Chefs use garlic, dijon, fresh herbs, parmesan, citrus, sun dried tomatoes, or chilies. They may also melt the butter and use a blasting brush to spread the butter faster.

Bread choice is very important to a grilled cheese sandwich. The denser the bread, the better. It's more filling, browns well, gets crisper, and has a great texture. Some breads they may use include potato bread, multi-grain, or whole wheat.

The best thing about grilled cheese is that cheese isn't the only thing our chefs have to put in between the two slices of bread! Here are some great fillings:

• Caramelized onion with bacon
• Tomato jam
• Brie with fruit jam or sliced fruit
• Any cream cheese blend
• Jack and fire-roasted jalapeños
• Queso fresco and green chili
• Barbecue sauce
• Pesto sauce
• Apple, cinnamon, and cheddar
• Roasted red pepper
• Avocado or guacamole
• Sauerkraut on rye
• Fresh herb and cheese blend

By Chef Scott Bachman

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