8 May 2014

Philanthropy Partnerships

Philanthropy Partnerships

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College Chefs wants to help its fraternities and sororities succeed in their philanthropic events; Special Events Coordinator Riley Miller has some great tips.

After a few years of helping the Alpha Omicron Pi house compete in the Little 500 at Indiana University through a College Chefs sponsorship, Riley Miller, Special Events Coordinator for College Chefs, knows a thing or two about making a philanthropy event a success. 
"We will host one philanthropy per semester for each house," Riley said. "We probably do about 40 or 50 philanthropies a year. It's important to us, because when the chapter members think back on the year, they remember the events, not the quiche they had last Thursday."
A house can contact Riley directly or let the College Chef know they would like to host a philanthropy event. Riley coordinates all philanthropies as part of his position as Special Events Coordinator with College Chefs. "We consider it a philanthropic partnership, because the house does work on the event as well as College Chefs." 
It's important to remember that advance notice is a key to a successful event, that's why College Chefs needs to receive an initial notification of a proposed philanthropy a minimum of six weeks prior to the event. There are guidelines and a short questionnaire to fill out. Responding to the questionnaire is very important if you want your philanthropy taken seriously.
Whether they're working on an event from scratch or taking over a recurring philanthropy, here's what College Chefs strives to provide:

  • Labor and management expertise for any food preparation or service required at the event
  • A direct food donation based on the number of meal-plan members in the house (College Chefs also gets food donated and purchases food for the chapter at its own expense.)
  • A profitable event with excellent food resulting in more money going to the chapter's cause 
"With enough lead time we can often get products successfully donated by our vendors as well, which lowers the cost of the food for the event and helps raise more money," Riley added. "Houses also choose to skip a meal to financially support the cause, because that credit for skipped meals is applied to their philanthropy, which also raises more money."
Having an extensive background in the food world and as a fraternity guy himself, Riley draws on his past experiences to provide the expertise the fraternity and sorority members are looking for when it comes to planning a great philanthropic event. Riley recalls his days living in his fraternity and the challenging, yet gratifying, experience of holding a charity car wash. Back then the house did all planning, executing, and marketing for the fundraiser. At College Chefs, the goal is to offer the students those valuable roles and to complement that and amplify their fundraising efforts.

To get in touch with Riley or learn more about him, visit http://www.collegechefs.com/About-Us/Sales-Support-Event-Planning or email specialevents@collegechefs.com.  

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