3 May 2013

Chef Supervisor Bio: Heather

Chef Supervisor Bio: Heather

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For some, becoming a Chef is a lifelong pursuit. Others enter the culinary world with no expectations, fueled by a deep passion and a willingness to experiment and never look back. Such is the story of College Chefs’ Supervisor Heather Walsh. 

A Chef is Born

Heather came to cooking after receiving her Pre-Med degree, then modeling for a number of years. Unsure about the future, Heather decided to take the advice of her mother and numerous friends who had asked for years, “Why don’t you get a culinary degree?”

Once Heather accepted the challenge, there was no turning back. 

Today, Heather is a Supervisor at College Chefs, overseeing a group of people she calls “some of the best Chefs around.” 

Coming to Cooking

Heather will tell you she doesn’t have a very interesting backstory, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. After receiving her Pre-Med degree she knew she was on a path she wasn’t passionate about. So, she decided to cook – a lot. For an entire year, in fact. She simply “didn’t stop cooking.” 

Then she enrolled in Culinary School at the Art Institute of Indianapolis. Since then, Heather has sautéed, baked, and fried her way into the hearts of everyone lucky enough to try her food. 

After culinary school, Heather got her first chef job at Walt Disney World in Florida. There, she underwent a trial by fire in the kitchens of the happiest place on earth. “I loved it there. You’re cooking and you look over your shoulder and see Mickey coming toward you or a dancing troupe up on the stage. It was always so happy.”

After Disney World, Heather was scooped up by College Chefs and, after preparing countless delicious meals for numerous Greeks, she rapidly rose to the position she holds today. 

The Plate Is the Canvas

I found the methods through which Heather derives her inspiration to be particularly interesting. She thinks of the plate as the canvas and whatever’s in the cupboard as the paint. Then she just kind of “goes with it.” 

Heather says that while she does cherish certain kinds of food, she loves to “wing it” when it comes to cooking. She gets inspired by challenging herself to make whatever’s lying around into something incredible.

And, making incredible meals is exactly what Heather does best. Check out the wonderful dishes below to see the fruits of Heather's work.  

Heather is a Supervisor overseeing many of College Chefs’ branches in Indiana and Florida. 

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Ken League

10/25/2013 7:08 PM

Chef Heather Rocks!


Jason Stricker

12/26/2013 9:49 AM

When Chef Heather cuts an onion, the onion cries! I loved working with her!

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