12 Aug 2014

Chef Steve Super, Trainer for College Chefs

Chef Steve Super, Trainer for College Chefs

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If there is anything to learn from Chef Steve Super, a trainer for College Chefs, it’s that it’s never too late to start something new.  From touring with major bands to even cooking for one of the most famous pop stars, he is the result of hard work and dedication.

A Change in Paths

Growing up, Chef Steve remembers always loving to make mashed potatoes. But he explains that he had no idea it would lay the ground work for eventually becoming a classically trained chef. In fact, cooking was not his first career.  An avid lover of music, Steve played and directed.  He was fortunate enough to open for bands such as Brooks and Dunn and direct Stella Parton’s music.  Steve also goes on to explain that a weekend trip to the Florida Keys turned into seven years of living on the Islands. There he played music and was with a band by the name of Super Colt. “I put out three CDs there,” he says of his extended trip to the islands.  Some might ask why change careers when you have so much success, but for Steve it was more than that. “I told myself when I was 40, no matter what I was doing, I would go change careers,” he says of his switch.  It could have just been the luck of the draw, as Steve would say, but he started his culinary journey at the New England Culinary Institute on his 40th birthday.  He committed all of his time to learning all that he could, even putting his touring career on the back burner. In school he got quite the experience with different techniques. “It was a prestigious school and very well-rounded,” he says.  He learned French, American and international cuisines. He graduated around 2005 and opened his own restaurant.  The restaurant was located in Stove, Vermont and there was a lot of farm-to-table cooking. “I knew everyone who raised my ducks, chickens and all of my produce,” he laughs. The restaurant was number one out of 67 other restaurants in the area.  After selling his restaurant in 2009, he was a corporate chef at several restaurants in Austin and Houston, Texas.  He then found a career of a lifetime.

Best of Both Worlds

Some chefs can only dream of an opportunity that Steve was given.  He was finally able to merge his two passions together and become a tour chef for singer, Beyonce. “I had food and music right there,” he says of his experience.  He explained the days were very long but they were exciting.  While touring with Beyonce, he mainly cooked for her and her immediate family. “It was fabulous,” he says.  After some time, Steve had to discontinue his position with the Beyonce show to take care of family.  Knowing he wanted to stay in the culinary field, he needed work that was steady and local. 

A Match Made

It was perfect timing once again when Steve found an ad for College Chefs.  A benefit to Steve was that he could still enjoy cooking while having nights and weekends off to be there for his father. “I did not want to be tied up in the restaurant industry and College Chefs gave me the flexibility I needed,” he says.  So far, he enjoys working for College Chefs.  He first became a house chef in Michigan and is now working with Supervisor, Chef Heather Walsh.  He is learning the ropes of other avenues in the culinary industry. 

When talking with Steve it is evident that he has been very successful, yet he is still very humble. He admires a lot of phenomenal chefs but cannot pin-point his favorite. In his free time he likes to golf, scuba dive and travel.  There is no surprise to his answer of his favorite place he has traveled. “I don’t know where to begin,” he says, “I would have to say the Florida Keys.”  If Steve has had this much success thus far in his career, there is much more to come with his future culinary endeavors. 

By Ashley Skoczylas

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