9 May 2013

College Chefs: A Company on the Move

College Chefs: A Company on the Move

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To some it may come as a surprise that in the worst economic climate in recent memory many small businesses have still found ways to survive, expand, and even prosper. College Chefs is one such company. 

By all accounts the notion of College Chefs' success was an unlikely one from the start. The company was founded in 2010, just months after The Recession had concluded but before the economic climate in the United States had really stabilized. Despite the tumultuous environment, owner Kevin Gadus decided to put his decades-worth of culinary expertise to good use by founding a professional chef service which would cater exclusively to sororities and fraternities. 

In the beginning there were only a few clients and barely a handful of employees. But it wouldn't take long before Gadus would bolster his ranks with professional Chefs and other staff members. Then the list of schools the company serves similarly expanded. In just three short years College Chefs rose from a passion project began by a dedicated and skilled Chef to a constantly-expanding, nationwide phenomenon. 

How'd they do it? If you ask College Chefs' General Manager of Business Operations Dave Tarrant, he'll tell you, "It's all about the food." See, there are other companies that do what College Chefs does - or at least they appear to. But, according to Director of Operations Jake Sanders, "What really separates College Chefs from the competitors is our dedication to creating the highest quality food we possibly can." College Chefs does this by employing real, Professional Chefs to prepare food right in the kitchens of their customers' houses. 

This simple idea has worked, is working, and by all accounts will continue to work for a long time. 

Gadus and College Chefs have seen so much success since 2010 they are currently being forced to relocate from their office at One East Main in Champaign, Illinois to a new location in the same town (at 411 East Park St.), specifically tailored to their expanding business. 

The new building will feature several new offices, a massive conference room, an in-house kitchen (a must for College Chefs), a lounge outfitted with plenty of amenities, and a massive rooftop deck on which many barbecues will most likely occur. 

This move was chronicled in more detail by the local paper in Champaign, The News-Gazette. In their coverage, you can find out all about the history of College Chefs, their new location, and a little back-story on founder Kevin Gadus. 

For more images of College Chefs' food, check out their Pinterest page. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook. And have a look at their new office space in the gallery below. 

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