18 Nov 2014

11 "Not Your House Moms" Pumpkin Pie Ideas For Fraternities And Sororities This Thanksgiving

11 "Not Your House Moms" Pumpkin Pie Ideas For Fraternities And Sororities This Thanksgiving

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1.S'mores Pumpkin Pie


The warm marshmallow is sure to warm your sorority, fraternity, and even your house mom during the chilly fall season. Recipe here . [photo cred:loveandoliveoil.com]

2.Pumpkin Pie With Gingersnap Crust And Brown Sugar Meringue

Anything with brown sugar in its title has to be great, I'm sure your house mom would agree. Recipe here . [photo cred: chasin-cakes.com]


3.Vegan Pumpkin Pie Tarts 

Don't let the name fool you, these mini pies are packed with taste and wont make you feel guilty if you have more than one. Great opportunity to wow your vegan sorority sisters and fraternity brothers little hearts. Recipe here . [photo cred: thefitchen.com]

4.Vanilla Bean Pumpkin Spiced Pie

Vanilla, pumpkin, spice, and everything nice! Recipe here . [photo cred : edibleperspective.com]


5.Maple Pumpkin Pie

Maple pumpkin pie topped with pecan streusel never looked so good! Recipe here . [photo cred : foodnetwork.com]

6.Bobby Flay's Pumpkin Pie W/ Cinnamon Crunch and Bourbon-Maple Whipped Cream

Disclaimer to house moms: Although this pie is packed with a punch, it's a very little baby punch. Recipe here . [photo cred: foodnetwork.com]


7.No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake 

Hey busy sorority and  fraternity person, you don't even have to bake this pie! Recipe here . [photo cred: babble.com


8.Pumpkin Pie Bars

Gluten/wheat/grain/nut/dairy-free, a pumpkin dessert that literally anyone can enjoy! Recipe here . [photo cred: eating4balance.wordpress.com]


9.Paleo Pumpkin Pie

This sweet and creamy pie uses coconut milk and wholesome ingredients which means it's okay to eat the whole thing...right? Recipe here . [photo cred: peachypalate.com]


10.Pumpkin Pie Slice Cookies

Because who said pumpkin pie had to be an actual pie? These are a perfect sweet snack before or after the "big" meal. Recipe here . [photo cred: sweetsugarbelle.com]


11.The Pumpkin-Apple-Pecan Pie

For the sorority sister or fraternity brother who is a show off, this pie is for you.Recipe here . [photo cred: seriouseats.com]

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