3 Dec 2014

8 Burgers That Fraternities and Sororities Are Sure To Love...Well Maybe...

8 Burgers That Fraternities and Sororities Are Sure To Love...Well Maybe...

1. The Sloppy Jose - Cracked Truck (crackedtrucks.com



We have a golden gem right here in the heart of Champaign, IL. This burger offers a spicy twist with Chorizo, guacamole, bacon, onion jam, topped with a fried egg and hash browns. The best part about this burger is that it can be easily attained by fraternities and sororities, they are located on the UIUC campus daily! (picture credit: noshfolio.com ) 


2. The Pub Burger - Dublin O'Neil's (dublinoneils.com )


Another really great burger coming out of Champaign, IL and readily avabile for all you UIUC students! Home battered onion rings, special house sauce, blue cheese, relish, and pickle. Everything a burger needs and more! (photo credit: www.noshfolio.com )


3. The Colonel - Lockdown Bar & Grill ( www.lockdownbar.com ) 

Coming straight out of Chicago is this amazing grill & bar that is doing burgers right! On the menu you can find burgers such as The Colonel, the twist on this burger : cinnamon sugar crepe, fried egg, and maple syrup. Some of you fraternity brothers and sorority sisters may have actually even ate at this place before, if your from the Chicago area or not ,seeing how this grill & bar is pretty popular. (photo credit: (www.lockdownbar.com/#! )


4. Quinoa Burger with Portobello Mushroom Buns - (lucasjamespersonaltraining.com )

Eat like the stars! Lucas James who is a personal trainer to several top celebrities has a great way to stay fit and healthy with his quinoa burger, check out the recipe here : Quinoa Burger with Portobello Mushroom Buns . ( photo credit : lucasjamespersonaltraining.com )


5. The Perfect Paleo Burger - ( civilizedcavemancooking.com )


If your 20 something or in your early 30's than you know about the latest diet craze...The Paleo diet. This is the diet were you are actually allowed to eat lots of meat and not feel guilty about it. If you are on the Paleo kick, this burger might be for you! (photo credit: The Paleo Kitchen )


6. Pilgrims Revenge Burger (lockdownbar.com

Another great and very interesting burger from Lockdown Bar & Grill. The twist on this burger: turkey patty, mac & cheese, cranberry jam, and house made cornbread buns. (photo credit:lockdownbar.com )


7. Peanut Butter & Jellousy - ( slaters5050.com)

Can't decide between a burger and a PBJ? Why not just have both, and with this unique burger, you can!  Weird, strange, but darn good. This burger adds a sweet and familiar  taste to a savory classic. (photo credit: slaters5050.com )


8. The Warden (www.lockdownbar.com )

Lockdown bar has so many amazingly unique burgers. The Warden tops all burgers with bacon, leeks, garlic, shallots, stuffed with cheddar, topped with fried leeks and shallots with truffle oil. If you want a burger, this is king. (photo credit: lockdownbar.com )

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