5 Jan 2015

Chef Kevin Page - Regional Director

Chef Kevin Page - Regional Director

Life can lead us to places that we once never thought of--for Chef Kevin Page life did exactly that. While in high school Kevin got his first job flipping pizzas at a local pizzeria in Nebraska.  From that point on Kevin would end up spending a good portion of his adult life infused in the world of cooking.

Advancing and taking on new jobs landed Kevin at a local bar and grill when he was 18 (and a new high school graduate). While working as kitchen help, Kevin got his first experience learning some classical cooking techniques. It was at this time in his life, because of his interest and passion for food, that Kevin decided to go to culinary school to broaden his knowledge.

After graduating from Western Culinary Institute out of Portland, OR, with a culinary degree in hand he got the chance with an upscale French Bistro in downtown Denver where he worked as a Sous Chef. After thriving in that position and taking on other opportunities as far north as an Alaskan fishing lodge, Kevin decided that it was time for a slower pace.  So he moved back to his roots in Nebraska to develop his next plan of action.

That next plan of action was to pursue another degree -- this time Food Science. During this experience Kevin was able to further his knowledge as a Chef and even further broaden his horizons.  After graduating with his Food Science degree,  Kevin found an opportunity again far from his native Nebraska.  Leaving the Cornhusker state Kevin headed to the West Indies where he worked under the direction of Executive Chef Tony at a beautiful beach resort.  Chef Tony would become his mentor and teach Kevin even more about the world of food and what it means to be a chef.  

After a successful stint in the paradise of the West Indies and with life being great to Kevin, he moved his sights forward.  Kevin decided he wanted use his knowledge, passion, and education to run his own business.   Again returning to Nebraska, Kevin hooked up with some friends and started a food truck and catering company. It seemed as though from the moment Kevin started serving mouth watering steam bun tacos (with twists such as the Thai caramel pork taco or the lamb vindaloo taco pictured above) business was thriving and Kevin was having a very successful year hustling, cooking, and managing his business. However, with the colder months in Nebraska business turned cold and it was time for another change that brought stability. 

Enter College Chefs.

Kevin remembers the short, direct, but interesting chef ad that sparked him to find out what College Chefs was all about. After sending his resume and completing several rounds of interviews, Kevin got the job back in 2013 as a Head Chef for the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity at the University of Nebraska.  To sum up his performance, according to Director of Operations Jared Bost, "Kevin was a rockstar for us right out of the gate.  He takes the challenges of the job with ease and has fun with it."

After his first year he relocated again to Eugene, Oregon and was promoted to Chef Trainer where he works with chefs in various states such as Arizona, Oregon, California, Idaho, and Colorado.  According to Kevin, "I love working for College Chefs because not only do we as chefs get a lot of creative freedom, but especially in my new position this year, get to travel on a regular basis which is something I have always liked to do."

Looking into the future, Kevin wants to grow with College Chefs and it's West Coast operations. With all the knowledge, experience, and passion Kevin has for cooking, his current position allows him to travel and grow as an individual while working with many great chefs in several states. There’s no doubt that whatever Kevin puts his mind to he can achieve and he is an invaluable asset to the College Chefs' team.

UPDATE:  Fall 2015 Kevin Page was promoted to Supervisor.

UPDATE:  Fall 2016 Kevin Page was again promoted to Regional Director

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