13 Jan 2015

Welcome To College Chefs

Welcome To College Chefs

(College Chefs conference room)

This is where all the important decisions are made by our awesome management team, anything from marketing strategies, budgeting, general planning, and what we should order for lunch goes on in here. :)

Some additional work space for when we have our travelling management superstars all in the office at one time.  If you'll notice there's a random giant strawberry laying on the table next to some management books.  Why not?  We do like strawberries!


And speaking of lunch did I mention we have a really cool looking kitchen with bright red walls, checkered tile, and all the essential kitchen equipment...coffee maker.


Right as you enter into the College Chefs building all of our guests and friends are warmly welcomed with the images of cool wall art and a strong presence of our College Chefs pride. Go College Chefs! 


If you need to speak with our GM of Business Operations (Dave Tarrant), Office Manager (Daniel Stich), Regional Director (Jared Bost), or Director of Operations (Jake Sanders), go this way. 


Here's a picture taken from the back end of our office.


Hey, is that another gigantic strawberry on the wall? Why yes, yes that is a gigantic strawberry on our wall and we love it!


Who says you can't have fun at work? Our very own Director of Chef Placement Services and recruiter for College Chefs, Veronica Sanchez, takes a break and puts on her serious game face for a friendly game of pool.


Did I mention that occasionally our conference room serves as a buffet of food prepared by our very own chefs? On this particular day, College Chefs had our quarterly management power meeting where we invited all management to join forces and collaborate on ideas...and of course we covered lunch for everyone. 

Kelsi Geuns (account manager) poses really quickly before enjoying her lunch.

Steve Super ( trainer to the chefs) and he is super, welcomes you to College Chefs! 


At the end of each day after meetings, planning, and the everyday tasks that take place at the College Chefs office, it's always a great feeling to be reminded  and encouraged how much our efforts never go unnoticed, thanks to all of you! (above picture is a thank you card from our employees to the management team)


 Written by Tiffany Square (dynamic doer but mainly HR stuff) 

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