27 Feb 2015

Meet Chef Arnaldo and Crew -- The Team Making Waves At The Alpha Delta Pi House at the University of Illinois

Meet Chef Arnaldo and Crew -- The Team Making Waves At The Alpha Delta Pi House at the University of Illinois

The sisters of #AlphaDeltaPi at the #UniversityOfIllinois may never go out to eat ever again (may be exaggerating just a little) as long as Chef Arnaldo and his fine team of creative minds are in the kitchen working up fine-dining-quality food for the lucky women of the chapter. 


What's all the hype about? How about homemade sushi prepared by a skilled trade artisan or Fresh baked breads served almost daily, or how about tender pork loin smothered in exotic spices and herbs. Is your mouth watering yet?

Read on for a very brief blog about Chef Arnaldo and his crew!

Thanks, -Tiffany Square

Blog below written by Scott Bachman. 

Meet Chef Arnaldo Posadas (left), Sous Chef Robin Martines (middle), and Ian Hawkins (right). These guys are creating killer food for the Alpha Delta Pi chapter at the University of Illinois!

Chef Arnaldo began his career as a dishwasher but wanted to “make big kettles of soup and slice and dice like the pros”! This Philippines native earned his Intensive Bachelor’s in Culinary arts, while working as sous chef with Compass Catering in Bloomington, IL. He later became Regional Executive Chef there. Arnaldo began working with Kevin Gadus in 2008 and joined the College Chefs team in 2014. He has shown his practical skills as well as an excellent ability to flavor profile. He is a very visual chef and is acutely aware of the presentation of his cuisine (shown in photos here).

Sous Chef Robin has intentions of becoming a certified chef in the future. He is excited to be working with the fresh, from-scratch product at ADPi. As a boy in Guatemala, Robin was inspired to cook by his mother, who prepared and sold street tacos and tortas. He has known Arnaldo since 2007 and the two have since become an exemplary team.

Ian Hawkins loves the work atmosphere at ADPi. He is learning the ropes with the guys in the kitchen and expanding his future prospects. He is an outstanding drummer in case you are considering starting up a band!



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