20 May 2013

Greeks of the Week: Theta Chi

Greeks of the Week: Theta Chi

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On a recent sunny Spring day in Champaign, Illinois, I found myself having lunch with College Chefs' General Manager of Business Operations Dave Tarrant and a young man I'd just had the pleasure of meeting named Shahan Noorani. 

Shahan was filling Dave and I in on the events of the past year at the fraternity at which he is the Philanthropy Chair, Theta Chi at UIUC. As our lunch kicked off, I was immediately confronted with my own misconceptions about fraternity life and those ever-criticized members of this nation's youth population "Frat Guys." If you're anything like the majority of the population, the term "Frat Guy" invokes a lot of different emotional reactions, the vast majority of which are negative. 

To that I can only say meeting Shahan forces one to check their misconceptions at the door as they gaze in awe at the modern incarnation of the "Frat Guy." In him you find a well-mannered, intelligent, passionate, and dedicated young man who would rather discuss his appreciation for the services of our troops than his college's latest basketball game. And in Theta Chi you find many, many more like Shahan. 

On a rainy day in April, 2013 College Chefs was fortunate enough to provide a barbecue-themed dinner for Shahan and his brothers as they raised money for our nation's veterans via the Bob Woodruff Foundation whose founder is himself a Theta Chi alumnus.

Looking to the future, next year the chapter's got some big, big plans - many of which College Chefs will likely be a part of. I won't spoil them here as at least one or two are best left a surprise. Suffice it to say, next year promises to be a very big year for Theta Chi. 

As Philanthropy Chair Shahan's got some incredible ideas brewing as well. What's even more impressive about this is that Theta Chi has no designated philanthropy nationally - meaning Shahan and crew are forced to (or, perhaps more accurately, get the opportunity to) choose which philanthropies they will support on a case-by-case basis. 

Honestly, I see nothing short of greatness for Shahan and the rest of the Greeks at Theta Chi and look forward to seeing what they and College Chefs can accomplish together. It is my honor and privilege to help give them the recognition they deserve by announcing them as College Chefs' very first Greeks of the Week.  

You can find more info on Theta Chi here:

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThetaChiUniversityOfIllinois?fref=ts

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/IlliniThetaChi

On their website: http://illinithetachi.org/ 

Joel Higgins

Internet Marketing Supervisor

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