30 Mar 2015

Chef Chris Feaster, Kappa Sigma at Missouri S&T

Chef Chris Feaster, Kappa Sigma at Missouri S&T

“Food is a daily adventure and I’ll be learning until the day I die” - Chris Feaster

Coming from a family well versed in cooking, a then, little Chef Chris Feaster followed closely to his mother and grandparents passion for food and cooking.

Thirteen and still in high school, It wasn't too long before Chris graduated from his family's kitchen into a fully equip kitchen working and preparing deli style food for a local deli in South Carolina.

Continuing his craft and passion for food and cooking, Chris worked most of his high school years in the kitchens of high end seafood joints where he worked and shadowed under an array of culinary professionals and chefs.

There was no doubt that since the beginning Chris knew ultimately what he was destined to do, from the memories of his grandfather's favorite homemade smoked sausage, to getting the opportunity to be involved in the culinary world at a young age, to being on the road as a musician for five years, all developed who chef Chris Feaster, chef for the gentlemen of Kappa Sigma at Missouri S&T, is today.

“I like to call myself a food monster, I like to experiment, like to be creative, most of all I love to make people smile, I consider what I do an act of service and its an act of service I love” -Chris Feaster

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Q: What sort of food(s) inspires you? What sort of food do you like to make?

A: I’m a southern guy so at heart I'm mostly inspired by Midwest sort of comfort food, personally I like to make a really good chicken fried steak. In my pass time however I fully indulge in the culture exploration of food; I really enjoy sampling different sort of ethnic cuisines.

Q: What’s one of the coolest or more interesting moments that you have experienced working in the culinary field?

A: I got to meet Will Smith and Michael Jordan at one point in my culinary career. It was a pretty cool and exciting experience, I didn't know whether I should have asked them for a autograph...so I didn't.

Q: What sort of  culinary positions and jobs have you worked at?

A: I've been working since I was 13, started off as a dishwasher, worked my way up to sous chef and chef positions. I worked at the University of Arizona before where I started the first tapas bar in the Tucson area , it was cool because local chefs would come around and eat after their dinner rush, seeing how we were open till 2 AM. I have worked at many different restaurants from high end to more casual to even having my own restaurant!

Q: Tell me more about this restaurant you use to own?

A: I believe it was late 2009 when I opened it, was called Feaster’s Bistro. The concept was farm-to-table sort of home comfort food with a twist with 90 % of our produce being local and organic. The restaurant was set up with a kids room filled with toys and books for customers to have a place or spot for their child if they wanted, I also had my grand piano in the dining area, some nights I would jump on it and play for my customers. It was a really great time and I loved all my staff, they were actually like family to me, at the end of every night I would cook for everyone and we would eat together. Feaster’s Bistro was only open for seven months but during that seven months we were featured in the Kansas City Star, the Topeka Capital Journal, and several other local media.

Q: What do you value the most as a chef?:

A: The energy behind food and the way food is processed, the practices of food and how food is handled. You can tell the difference in quality between a piece of steak that has been fed and taken care of properly with care versus a piece of steak that is loaded with chemicals and other non-natural products. The energy behind food matters.

Q: How does College Chefs compare to other jobs you've had?:

A: College Chefs is the best company that I have worked for thus far. I appreciate the level of support I receive and being able to feel comfortable reaching out or asking for insight feels good. When it comes to being able to be creative, you nearly have all the creative control you want, which really feels great to me because I rarely ever repeat a meal when I am cooking for the guys. Not only do I value the company but I also value the teamwork and commitment that my assistants Jason and Kyle help with, they both truly make it happen every single day.


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