30 Apr 2015

College Chefs’ Scott Bachman: Perspective

College Chefs’ Scott Bachman: Perspective

College Chefs, Scott Bachman, who has been with the company for over 4 years and going, shines a little of his own personal perspective on the culinary industry and the growing trends within.

Scott has a lot to say, this is a simple glimpse, read more about Scott Bachman and the strides he has made with College Chefs: Scott Bachman

Summary written by- College Chefs, Tiffany Square

My career as a professional chef was never one that I chose for myself, it was something that eventually found me. There is a passion that lies within me to create, continue my education and to challenge myself daily. My love of food and for those that share these ideals have kept me working in the kitchen for decades. As a College Chefs employee I am able to grow and create in my favorite work environment!

Cooking is a skill that combines my two favorite subjects, art and science. I consider the kitchen a laboratory where one can create endlessly as well as learn different techniques, flavor combinations and develop new concepts. The culinary arts allow chefs to utilize all five human senses. The importance of aesthetic value to appetize as well as visually impress is a wonderfully fun aspect of the job. Your ears are even involved with the food! Consider the sound of a sizzling skillet or biting into a fresh, sweet carrot as it crunches. There are infinite combinations of texture and mouthfeel. There is the importance of being able to feel temperatures. Our senses of taste and olfactory go hand in hand and are the most obvious of the five. I will always be inspired and have a fascination with cuisine based on these simple ideas.

People have always needed food and always will. A good chef will forever be a commodity. The positive feedback I can receive is proof that I may have briefly touched someone’s life. I have never earned such appreciation as in a well fed fraternity or sorority! It truly makes it easy to put forth effort for such a rewarding experience.

The history of man and food is so all encompassing and deeply rooted throughout society and evolution that it is seemingly endless. I enjoy the conversations with my fellow employees on these topics. To me, the kitchen remains the most important room in any house providing vital sustenance while entertaining and delighting guests with it’s simple pleasures. It is also the most dangerous with it’s sharp blades, fire and hot oil. Cooking definitely presents many challenges that, once overcome, are a source of great pride and satisfaction among chefs. For all these reasons and more I love my job and working with all of you at College Chefs!



College Chefs, Scott Bachman

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