27 Feb 2015

Meet Chef Arnaldo and Crew -- The Team Making Waves At The Alpha Delta Pi House at the University of Illinois

Meet Chef Arnaldo and Crew -- The Team Making Waves At The Alpha Delta Pi House at the University of Illinois

The sisters of #AlphaDeltaPi at the #UniversityOfIllinois may never go out to eat ever again (may be exaggerating just a little) as long as Chef Arnaldo and his fine team of creative minds are in the kitchen working up fine-dining-quality food for the lucky women of the chapter. 


What's all the hype about? How about homemade sushi prepared by a skilled trade artisan or Fresh baked breads served almost daily, or how about tender pork loin smothered in exotic spices and herbs. Is your mouth watering yet?

Read on for a very brief blog about Chef Arnaldo and his crew!

Thanks, -Tiffany Square

Blog below written by Scott Bachman. 

26 Feb 2015

Chef Justin Ellingwood - Regional Director

Chef Justin Ellingwood - Regional Director

With a dream revisited in 2008, Chef Justin Ellingwood was living his life being a great husband and a dedicated father. Working as a delivery driver for FedEx for nearly 9 years, taking care of his family was (still is) his number one priority, and even though it was not his ideal job, Justin still went to work and stayed loyal.

Until he saw a TV commercial for The Art Institute of Indianapolis...

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20 Feb 2015

Improve Your Food Selfies

Improve Your Food Selfies


If I have not had the chance to introduce myself, here's my chance. I'm Tiffany Square, most of our chefs/employees know me as the HR assistant but I also write these blogs and I am the one responsible for posting College Chefs' food pictures onto our social media.

The reason that it looks like we have the best food in the fraternity & sorority catering business is because we do!  Most fraternity & sorority kitchens don't have a photo studio in them so we make best with what we have! 

On a daily basis I receive dozens of pictures which are then reviewed, cropped, & selected for our social media. The process that I have created for myself allows me to quickly review each photo and select the most appropriate.

There're several key qualities I look for in finding the "winning picture". Some of those qualities include lighting, angle, presentation, and overall creativity. 

While I am thankful and appreciative to all of our chefs and sous chefs who take the time to snap pics and send them to me, I have helpful information that can improve food "selfies".  

Hope you find this blog helpful.

- Tiffany Square
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10 Feb 2015

Chef Robert Schumacher - Area Manager

Chef Robert Schumacher - Area Manager

Young, energetic, and eager, Chef Robert Schumacher has the proven abilities to be one College Chefs' top chefs.

 With an unknown passion for the culinary arts that started off as just a way to eat in class, a then teenage Robert picked a culinary class during his sophomore year in high school just as a way fill his schedule. Not knowing that cooking would become such a big part of his life, Robert went with the flow and blossomed throughout his high school years.  

Not losing his fiery desire to continue his path in the culinary arts, after graduating high school he obtained his culinary arts degree.  As well as taking advantage of many opportunities to work alongside classically trained chefs fancy restaurants that you usually only see on TV and movies.

A now mature Chef Robert is powerhouse pumping out delicious gourmet style dishes for the brothers of Kappa Alpha Order at the University of Florida and they are loving it!  To quote College Chefs' GM of Business Operations, Dave Tarrant, "Chef Robert is one of our up-and-coming superstars, plain & simple.  Knowing that we have talents such as him on our staff is exciting... We are so thankful we have him in Gator Country!"

Don't stop now, read more about my conversation with Chef Robert.

-College Chefs' Tiffany Square

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2 Feb 2015

Meet The Dream Team -- Delta Gamma at the University of Oklahoma

Meet The Dream Team -- Delta Gamma at the University of Oklahoma

Yes you heard right...The Dream Team, dream team of chefs that is!

These three young chefs are taking over the kitchen at the Delta Gamma House at the University of Oklahoma with their creative style, sharp presentation, and delicious food combinations. 

There's no doubt that "the dream team" are exactly on point with the College Chefs vision and leading an excellent example of how and what the Greek food industry should look like.

But hey, don't let me do all the talking, check the article that College Chefs very own Scott Bachman (supervisor) wrote...Scott also supervises their area and knows them personally.


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