30 Mar 2015

Chef Chris Feaster, Kappa Sigma at Missouri S&T

Chef Chris Feaster, Kappa Sigma at Missouri S&T

“Food is a daily adventure and I’ll be learning until the day I die” - Chris Feaster

Coming from a family well versed in cooking, a then, little Chef Chris Feaster followed closely to his mother and grandparents passion for food and cooking.

Thirteen and still in high school, It wasn’t too long before Chris graduated from his family's kitchen into a fully equipt kitchen working and preparing deli style food for a local deli in South Carolina.

Continuing his craft and passion for food and cooking, Chris worked most of his high school years in the kitchens of high end seafood joints where he worked and shadowed under an array of culinary professionals and chefs.

There was no doubt that since the beginning Chris knew ultimately what he was destined to do, from the memories of his grandfather's favorite homemade smoked sausage, to getting the opportunity to be involved in the culinary world at a young age, to being on the road as a musician for five years, all developed who chef Chris Feaster, chef for the gentlemen of Kappa Sigma at Missouri S&T, is today.

“I like to call myself a food monster, I like to experiment, like to be creative, most of all I love to make people smile, I consider what I do an act of service and its an act of service I love” -Chris Feaster

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15 Mar 2015

College Chefs' very own Chef David Craig's Protein Pancakes

College Chefs' very own Chef David Craig's Protein Pancakes

After consulting with College Chefs’ owner, Chef Kevin Gadus, supervisor Chef David Craig came up with his own protein pancakes which offer a richer source of fat that holds in micronutrients to your cells. Chef Craig utilized various organic & wholesome ingredients, supplemented by In.Power Organic Whey Protein &Skinny Fat sourced from our friends and the experts at Calton Nutrition. 

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13 Mar 2015

Pi Beta Phi & FIJI Push Spring 2015 - Penn State University

Pi Beta Phi & FIJI Push Spring 2015 - Penn State University

Pi Beta Phi and FIJI have paired for their second annual PUSH philanthropy benefiting the USO and Read > Lead > Achieve! The event consists of teams of eight (8) members who compete in time trials to push a Military Humvee down a stretch of Pollock Road. There will be three categories: Fraternity teams, Sorority teams, and general organization teams. The winners of their respective categories will win $250 for their philanthropy of choice, apart from other awesome prizes. Food and drinks will be provided, along with other free giveaways for participants.

Registration for each team will be $80 ($10 per member). If you would like to register a team, please fill out this Google Form.



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