16 Jul 2015

10 Kitchen Essentials To Survive College

So you're are off to college living on your own now? 

Here's a list of ten items to stay stocked up on to survive those college years. 

As always, hats off to the chef

Written by College Chefs, Tiffany Square 



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7 Jul 2015

"Don't Let My Blonde Hair Fool You" - Chef Brandi Perkins of Kappa Kappa Gamma @FSU

"Don't Let My Blonde Hair Fool You" - Chef Brandi Perkins of Kappa Kappa Gamma @FSU


Practically raised on a boat in sunny Florida, as her step-father would take her fishing Monday-Friday, Chef Brandi Perkins can filet a fish like no other--and she’ll challenge you to it!

Chef Brandi first fell in love with food back when her mother would take her to special meat markets in Florida as a child. “I would just get lost and mesmerized with all the different sorts of exotic meats,” says Brandi. Her mother encouraged her liking by purchasing some of the meats that Brandi would choose--such as garlic ham.

As a child Chef Brandi loved to play around with food at home, whipping up the best meals that she knew how and just having fun with everything. Her bright personality allowed her to create freely and openly which embedded her passion for cooking even more.

Throughout Brandi’s adult life she played around with other career options as well. She was in retail for 13 years and even a correctional officer for a short period of time right out of high school. However either field proved to be a fit for Brandi and she quickly became bored and uninterested--it was time for a drastic change and find a path that she enjoyed.

Fully committed and determined Chef Brandi made the ultimate decision to fund her culinary career by taking out student loans and enrolling in culinary school--in hopes to ignite the flame that was once there for cooking.

Once graduating from culinary school Chef Brandi finally felt worth towards something she really cared about and had a passion for. In 2013 Chef Brandi joined College Chefs and has been rocking it out ever since for the ladies of Kappa Kappa Gamma at Florida State University.

As always hats off to the chefs.

Written by College Chefs, Tiffany Square 

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