12 Feb 2016

Chef Logan Richmond - Area Manager

Chef Logan Richmond - Area Manager

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In the world of fraternities & sororities, when you think of “college kid” food, what typically comes to mind? Something like hot dogs? Maybe corndogs? Chef Logan does just that!  But he does it the right way and with a twist!


“What?!” you say, “where’s the ridiculously good food College Chefs promotes?” Exactly. Chef Logan is known for his fantastically reimagined corndogs, like a lobster corndog with green chili, made from scratch of course. He even credits gourmet hotdogs as one of “the next big things.”  Chef Logan bolsters College Chefs mission of creating killer and familiar food with a twist -- catering to the tastes of the fraternity men and sorority women.

As a trained Chef and Area Manager, he helps support College Chefs clients and chefs nationwide. 

Growing up in the kitchen with his grandma and mom and in a family where “everyone’s a good cook” definitely set the stage for Logan to become the chef he is today. A former construction worker, he explains the many similarities between building houses and building meals. He describes thinking about the construction of both from all angles, and starting with the finished product in mind. His artistry is evident in the way he talks about his craft, “[Food] is the purist form of art [...] it plays on all senses.” The sound, the sight, the feel, and, of course, the taste of a dish are all considered in its creation.

Working with College Chefs he realized that college students today are much more in tune to what they’re eating and where it’s from and that the company is very aligned with the food movement, as in reaching for healthier, more sustainable options. We provide, “healthy vibrant food for growing kids” If he’s watching TV you can find him watching “The Walking Dead” like everyone else, History and Discovery Channel science shows, or “No Reservations” which he watches religiously. Dishes he’s sure to be a hit with everyone are his greek burgers and meatloaf. Recently his fish tacos gained much praise.

The Q&A:

Q: What is your favorite food to cook?

A: Lebanese food, no doubt about it. It’s something near and dear to my soul. It’s something I’ve been doing since I was alive. [...] If I was stuck on an island with one food, it would be Lebanese. Next to that though cooking pizza dough. Tossing the pizza dough is its own art form.

Q: What’s your favorite food to eat?

A: Pizza! I love a mean pizza pie- Brooklyn Style.

Q: What do you do when you’re not cooking?

A: Well, most of the time I’m cooking. I love my dog, so playing with him, hiking, off roading, mountain biking. Pretty much anything outside.

Q: What is your favorite food memory?

A: My best food memory was when I was a child making Lebanese food with my family. Everyone would [...] help out and everyone would gather around my grandma’s dining room table to help cook, my aunts, cousins, everyone. That’s kinda what drove me to become a chef.

Written by College Chefs’ Danielle Gadus

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