29 Jun 2017

Meet College Chefs Intern:  Luke Dolan, Dietetic Intern, Theta Chi ’food guy’

Meet College Chefs Intern: Luke Dolan, Dietetic Intern, Theta Chi ’food guy’

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Who am I and how did I end up here? 

In short, Luke Dolan→  Food and Nutrition Major @ the University of Alabama→ Dietetic Intern→ Rising Senior→ Theta Chi Vice President and- for the fourth consecutive year running- Steward (better known as “food guy”). 

As a food and nutrition major in a fraternity, “food guy” was essentially bestowed upon me the day after initiation. 

My role as “food guy” is how I got to know some of the badass people at College Chefs. Negotiations were already underway with Theta Chi and College Chefs prior to my arrival. Nevertheless, my brothers looked to me (yes, freshman me) for the final stamp of approval. Thus, the beginning of our relationship.

Fast forward a few years, and I needed an internship. I wanted to work with people who I thought would trust me with more than merely being another warm and pulsing body. The idea of working with College Chefs sounded particularly attractive, with the opportunity to gain a wealth of experience on a multitude of fronts. Knowledgeable and skillful people coming together to produce the highest quality results on the (relatively) biggest stages→ had me reminiscing of my former days in sports (soccer) and music (jazz guitar)… albeit a lot less sexy.

Expect to be hearing from me on a variety of topics in the upcoming weeks, involving everything from random nutrition tips and tricks, to my personal experience with College Chefs.

Much love,  

Luke Dolan, “food guy” and College Chefs intern

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