3 Jan 2018

Culinary Consultants and Their Partnership with College Chefs

Culinary Consultants and Their Partnership with College Chefs

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The Greek community is all about togetherness.

We work together. We grow together. We eat together.

We should be saving together.

Culinary Consultants is partnering with forward thinking companies like College Chefs to bring those very important initiatives into fruitful actions.  

We are passionate about making sure that your organization has every advantage possible when it comes to ensuring the highest quality service, pricing and quality in conjunction to the food distributor.  

As with a FSMC, where you provide the detailed meal planning, on-site management, and employee supervision—Culinary Consultants helps supplement your services to your client at no additional cost to your organization.

When working with FSMC’s, we focus our alliance on streamlining your purchasing and processes. We act as your single point of contact for resolving issues, and build upon our decades of relationships within the industry to ensure that your organization can continue to raise the bar of excellence when providing a high-quality food program to your clients.

We have even set up a digital “Reference Room.”

The Reference Room is a service application that allows for seamless communication between your Chefs, Supervisors, Executive Team and the Food Distributor—all in one application.

Culinary Consultants also helps your organization to streamline purchasing through the food distributor—no matter where in the country you would like to be.

You’ll receive the same group pricing and service regardless of your location size or the amount of clients you work with.

Culinary Consultants continues to strive towards our original vision that upholds the values that we understand to which every Greek Organization’s food program should consistently receive.   

See… Greek Organizations are built on the foundation to give back to each other, help each other, and grow together.  We at Culinary Consultants feel that if we can help organizations like College Chefs raise the bar of food excellence, than we too will be giving back—helping each other and growing together.


Website training upon request to help with budgets, guides, reporting, and staying up-to-date on new technology features that your food distributors have to offer

A single, condensed credit application to represent the billing for all of your accounts

Seamless setup of any new customer accounts within days of your request

A single, national point of contact that goes to bat for you to resolve any delivery, product and invoicing issues at a national level. All your different sales reps and their unique service methods across all divisions can be routed to us.

Customization and streamlining of operation needs no matter where your client locations are throughout the country

Making not just your pricing a national customer, but more importantly, everyone in your organization feel like a National customer so that you can focus on what’s most important; Your Client!

It’s our pleasure to offer these services because we know that we grow when you grow.

That is the Power of Together.

Learn more about CCPA here: click here  Culinary Consultants

Brian Heider is the founder and President of CCPA and a Partner in the buying group NCT.  Brian went to the University of Iowa for his undergrad and continued his education by attending and graduating Culinary school out in Denver Colorado.  After a few years of working as an Executive Chef in the restaurant industry, Brian starting cooking for Fraternity and Sorority chapters.  He quickly learned that chapters were being taken advantage of by food distributors when it came to pricing and service.  He wanted to change that!  After starting his own Food Service Management Company, he decided to tweak his business model and created a buying group that impacted the way the entire Greek Community would be priced out on their food and non- food purchases through the vendors.  By leveraging all of the Greek communities spend together, Brian and his team now focus their energy on helping Food Service Management Companies, Independent Fraternity and Sorority Chapters, and National Organizations gain access to National Pricing through the suppliers at NO extra cost.  Today, Culinary Consultants Purchasing Alliance (CCPA) is dedicated to helping ensure that any organization within the Greek Community that has similar passion and core values, is able to access this program in order to elevate the way Fraternity and Sorority organizations experience their food programs.  

“I truly believe that there is power when we can all come together”

Brian Heider   


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