12 Mar 2018

Meet Chef Matt Evans from Gamma Phi Beta, University of Denver

Meet Chef Matt Evans from Gamma Phi Beta, University of Denver

Originally from Northern Indiana, Chef Matt Evans has lived in Denver for 6 years now. Growing up in northern Indiana, he learned that family was everything. Both his grandmother and great grandmother took turns watching Matt and his siblings when they were little.  It was during this time when his passion for cooking started, as they were both his inspirations.

Most summers were spent at their house helping out in the garden planting, weeding, and otherwise being the cheap labor needed to maintain a large garden. Once summer moved into fall and harvest time came, he remembers helping can beans, make jam, and many other activities associated with harvest season.  Chef Matt knew from a young age that being a Chef was what he was called to do. After working at a few chain restaurants in town, he realized that that style of cooking was not for him, as he wanted to learn more cuisines than what they had to offer.

At the age of 25, Chef Matt enrolled into the ACF apprenticeship program, which was ran by the Executive Chefs out of Notre Dame University and the local community college. After completing 6,000 hours of training, he graduated in 2004  as a Certified Culinarian, and has never stopped learning since.

Chef Matt started with College Chefs about a year ago at a Gamma Phi Beta, University of Denver.  He said about College Chefs, “This experience has totally been worth every sacrifice to get the job. If you could have told me about this opportunity  five years ago, where I would have total control over menus, and a work schedule that doesn’t involved most weekends and holidays, I would have called you a liar, for surely no place like that exists in this industry.  And yet, here we are!”

He sees his work at Gamma Phi Beta, Denver University for College Chefs as  an opportunity to push himself and his culinary talents everyday .

Chef Matt went on to say, “As students come from many different places throughout the county, with many different culinary backgrounds, along with dietary restrictions, it gives me an opportunity to learn new dishes to make, or try new products that I may not be familiar with in the attempt to help one of my girls feel more at home from day to day. There is no better feeling than getting something “mom used to make” while your away from home!”  He welcomes all suggestions in his kitchen and does his best to accommodate as much as he can including making a vegan option of his entree as much as possible.

“I look forward to going to work everyday with the hopes that what I create might end up just making a students day and turn their frown upside down, because that’s what family does.” says Chef Matt.

See pictures of Chef Matt’s AMAZING food below!!


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