11 Apr 2018

Management Food Challenge!!

Management Food Challenge!!

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If you follow us on any social media accounts (@collegechefs), you will know that every day, we post pictures of the best food cooked by our Chefs in different Chapters all across the country.  We love to recognized our Chefs for their wonderful work.

Recently, we decided to take a day to mix thing up!  On Monday, April 9th, we had our first ever Management Food Challenge!  All of our staff was tasked with coming up with a Homemade meal and great picture to prove it.  

As most of you know, many of the members of our management, operations, sales and support teams are Chefs.  However, some of them are not.  We decided to have everyone compete in the challenge anyways because after all, we all love food!

We received some incredible, creative, colorful, artistic submissions from both our Chefs and non-chefs alike!

Take a look at all the Rockstar picture below!!

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