22 May 2018

Part 1:  Chef Jason (Sigma Sigma Sigma, Western Illinois) and wife, Tara, to serve to Uganda!

Part 1: Chef Jason (Sigma Sigma Sigma, Western Illinois) and wife, Tara, to serve to Uganda!

Below is a letter from Tara Buchannan, wife of Chef Jason Buchannan, who is the Head Chef at Sigma Sigma Sigma, Western Illinois University.  The couple is headed to Uganda this summer to serve on a Mission Trip. Read below to hear about the impact the Buchannan’s have had in their community and plan to have while serving in Uganda!

Dear College Chefs Management Team:

It is my pleasure to write to you about my husband, Chef Jason Buchannan, and our trip to Uganda.  To understand what lead us to commit to this mission trip, you need to have some background about Chef Jason.  There is something special about him. I say this not because he is my husband, but because I have watched how people react to him for the past 20 years.  Not only is he a talented chef, but he has natural leadership qualities, a caring, loyal heart and a protective nature. These qualities and his tasty meals make him a hit among the women of Sigma Sigma Sigma.  They see him as a father figure and often come to him for advice or to change a flat tire.

Last August, we attended the Global Leadership Summit presented by Willow Creek Community Church.  At the summit, we heard top leaders from around the world speak about their initiatives and the lessons they’ve learned through their experiences.  We were deeply touched by presentations from leaders who work with underprivileged and abused children. Because of Jason's protective nature, he has a special place in his heart for children.  Our hearts broke as we listened to stories of children who walk miles each day for water, share one textbook with 30 students, or who have suffered abuse. After the conference, we felt lead to serve children in our community so we started a life group for youth in our church.  This group meets weekly to learn about Jesus and do community service projects.

Through our work with the children in the church, our pastor noticed Jason's impact on the kids and invited us to go on a mission trip to Uganda.  On this trip, we will be working with a perk-6 grade school, which is a part of the FNC (Faithfully Nurturing Children) Uganda mission. It is located in the biggest slum in all of Kampala.  Most kids either do not go to school, or if they go to public school, it is a substandard school environment with a ratio of one teacher for approximately 250 students. During our trip, we will be assisting the teachers in their classrooms, sharing the principles of Celebrate Recovery with the parents of the school children, and completing some building projects to improve living and community conditions.

In addition to serving the kids and the community, while in Uganda, Jason will get the opportunity to learn about the local cuisine and help prepare meals for the kids.  On career day, the kids will get to learn about Jason's career as a chef for College Chefs. Jason is excited to be an ambassador for our church, our country and for College Chefs, LLC.


College Chefs is extremely excited for the Buchannan's and look forward to hearing about their trip!  We will be sure to follow up with a "Part 2" blog when they return!

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