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Danielle Gadus

Bread is Back Baby!

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Bread is awesome. There… we said it! We’re embracing a source of carbohydrates and want everyone to know it!!

I took this photo on the fly and made my husband hold the bread. There’s something about this picture....can’t put my finger on it. It’s a very honest and giving picture. I hope you enjoy it. x
Photographer: Kate Remmer | Source: Unsplash

Shocking News

While admittedly a pivotal moment in the revolution of home cooking, the sliced wonder breads of the world have given the entire word “bread” a bad rap. The industrialized, mass produced breads have received especially harsh criticism with the rise of hyper low-carb, keto, paleo trends and a cultural emphasis on protein.

In the name of being “health conscious” we let go of our fascination with bread. Well, friends, we are about to share the announcement of the century… bread isn’t bad!

*Cue Oprah singing out “I! Love! Bread!”*

Angela Pinkerton, chef and partner of Che Fico in San Francisco shares (via Food and Wine):

“We’ve been educated in the good of real sourdoughs, local, organic, and GMO-free cereals, heritage wheats, and antique grains. It’s truly better than ever before, available almost everywhere you turn and probably made by someone you know.”
dough and hands
Photographer: Nadya Spetnitskaya | Source: Unsplash

The Evolution of Bread

Now, if you’ve found your groove with a high fat, low carb diet, we’re not here to convince you to dig into your nearest baguette. But, society at large has let the fear of bread and carbohydrates run like wildfire. We're here to spread the bread gospel: loosen up and get the facts!

Bread is a fundamental source of sustenance in nearly every culture around the globe. Its many different forms have been tied to traditions, memories and celebrations. Post-industrial revolution, the baking process moved out of the home kitchen/ local bakery is now “mass produced and wrapped in plastic.”

Helen Rosner via The New Yorker details, “our wheat is different now, our flour is bleached and stripped. What once was a complex and foundational food became little more than a simple source of sugar, cheap and filling, virtually empty of nourishment. But the pendulum is swinging back—bread is trendy now, which, as trends go, is both beautiful and disarming, kind of like water being the hot new drink.”

Photographer: Angelo Pantazis | Source: Unsplash

Back to our Roots

While fad-diets and mass production have turned bread into a resented enemy, science minded chefs, home bakers and all those brave enough to explore this carb-filled territory are bringing the tradition of breaking bread back to its roots.

Are you back on bread? Will you dive into an exploration of ancient grains or stick to your green juice? We’d like to pose that maybe there’s space for both the rich sourdough and the Bulletproof coffee in a healthy diet. Agree? Let us know your thoughts on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.