written by
Danielle Gadus

Cake is Haunting Our Dreams and Has Us Questioning Everything

1 min read
Doritos Bag Cake

In today’s world, who can you trust? With conflicting information circulating on the internet, how can you know if the person sitting next to you is cake or not?!

If you’ve spent anytime scrolling through Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter in the past week, you may have come across the latest meme that’s growing like wildfire. Skilled pâtissier from all corners of the internet have been creating hyper-realistic cakes that have all of us questioning our own reality.

After a few of these INSANE videos took off, the internet took hold and snowballed the trend into a postmodern masterpiece eerily in line our current mind-melting reality. The videos range from cool to look at to nearly traumatic (imagine thinking you’re digging into a sizzling pot roast only to discover it’s cake!)

Check out our favorites below:

So what do you think? Is this a super cool trend or a horrifying event. Either way, the meme seems to be perfect for the current times that have us questioning everything. Have you baked recently? Tag us in your creations on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.