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Cheese in the name of Philanthropy

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In the days of avoiding appearing basic at all costs, should one also avoid being cheesy?? Dad jokes, dad shoes, twitter content, and even this past year’s Met Gala theme (the theme was "camp" which is essentially synonymous with cheesy and over the top).... Cheesy seems to be on the ups. Delta Zeta at Purdue University would be on our side for the argument in favor of cheese.

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Mouthwatering good... mmmmmm

Say Cheese

This past September, Delta Zeta at Purdue University held their Cheezy Deezee Philanthropy to benefit Starkey Hearing Foundation, the Painted Turtle Camp and The Hannah Community Center. With the help of Regional Director Lisa Morgan and REC Shaun Kuriata, newly promoted Chef Paige Wilson, Sabrina Morales and Quincy Jefferson served Grilled Cheese and Mac and Cheese to over 1,300 hungry Greeks between the hours of 11:30 PM - 2:30 AM.

The Foundations

Starkey Hearing Foundation helps provide hearing aids to people in need throughout the U.S. and around the world.

The Painted Turtle Camp provides a safe environment and authentic camp experience for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses, year round.

The Hannah Community Center provides a place for kids to go after school and provides social services to improve their quality life.

The Main Event

Cheezy Deezee was a huge success, bringing together members of the Purdue Greek community to help support amazing causes. Students were invited to purchase a cheesy, late night snack from the women of Delta Zeta. The proceeds from these snacks amounted to over $6,000 to be donated to their amazing causes.

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The College Chefs Team

Madeline, the DZ Philanthropy Chair raved about the event: "Cheezy Deezee included late night mac n cheese, grilled cheese, cheeseburgers, Qdoba chips and queso, Mad Mushroom cheesy bread, and some non-dairy options as well! It was a fun night filled with friends in the greek community, Purdue students, families and more! We were overwhelmed by the turnout, the amount we raised, and the support we received for our first year doing the event!"

Cheezy Deezee is just one of the hundreds of philanthropies and special events we do across the country every year. Keep up with College Chefs on all of our social platforms Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and... (yes we went there) Tiktok, [@collegechefs] to see more delicious food and actions for social good!