written by
Danielle Gadus

Chef Appreciation

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We don’t know who originally declared this day a holiday but we are forever grateful they did. They created a reason to thank each and every hard working chef.

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Grateful for You, Chef

With the daily routines of life, it’s easy to follow a pattern and forget how amazing this life is in front of us. At College Chefs, we try to encourage a culture of expression and gratitude. But today, INTERNATIONAL CHEFS DAY, provides us with an easy excuse to send a shout out and thank you to the all of the hard working chefs. Every chef is a part of our family and make this company what it is. Without them, college students across the nation would be lacking healthy food to fuel them through their studies and activities. They would lose an opportunity to bond with their peers, sharing a communal meal at their fraternity or sorority houses. They would miss the connection with a human being hand-crafting their meals with love.

Happy International Chefs Day, 2019

We’re so proud to be creating waves in this industry on a level that personally affects our fellow culinary craftsmen. If you’ve experienced even a small form of a culinary career, you understand how grueling the job can be. Hot spaces, long hours, fast pace AND you work every holiday. We all know the saying, “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.” We respect the grind. We respect the hustle! But at College Chefs, we believe your job should not be your number one priority… and probably not even your number two.

What Matters

We stand for the moment when your daughter’s eyes light up when she scans the crowd and sees you sitting in the bleachers for her game. For the moment when you and your brother laugh so hard you can’t breath. For family game night, for walking the dogs, for napping with the cats, for tears and laughter, for the highs and lows. We stand for the experience of a human being, not human doing.

By encouraging creativity and freedom, we create an energy that flows throughout the company and into the amazing dishes every chef creates. This openness, paired with the hard work and pure talent of our chefs creates the ultimate recipe for success.

Here’s to the chefs, the mentors, the friends, the advisors, the good vibe dealers and the cool food makers that make College Chefs, College Chefs, and positively impact the lives of the fraternity and sorority members they interact with each week. Today is about you! We thank you, we appreciate you, and we admire all that you do.