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Cody Sullivan

Chef Natalia's Cooking Journey

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Chef cutting vegetables
Photographer: Caroline Attwood | Source: Unsplash

Chef Natalia is the Head Chef at Alpha Chi Omega, UCLA. Her journey with College Chefs started in January of 2016 and she has been a fantastic asset to the team ever since. She has continuously improved her craft and takes great pride in her work. She also keeps great professional relationships with the women in the chapter. She has gotten to know many of the women over the years and is able to cater to many unique wants and needs. And of course, her food her food is always top-notch!

How it all started for Chef Natalia

In an interview with Chef Natalia, she shared, “The first time I discovered my love to cook when I was about 14 years old, it was bread pudding. The recipe was from magazine and it came out very good. Then later I did pancakes, crepes, blitzes, I learned how to read more recipes."

She continued, "Growing up, we had a house, small farm and huge garden. Everything on the table was from the garden. The fruits and vegetables were preserved for winter, sausages and meats as well." Chef Natalia made sure to mention she prefers the flavor of fruits and vegetables in season, because that's when the flavor and texture are always best.

The culture of College Chefs includes bringing fresh ingredients to craft well-balanced meals from scratch. Her favorite dishes to cook are Mediterranean and California's styles. For her personal favorites to eat, she likes to keep it simple with, "Fresh bread, vegetables, cheese and meats." She continued, "Our house members like my soups, chicken shawarma, taco station; a lots of dishes are ask to have repeated again."

Ukrainian Roots

Bringing a freshly made, well-balanced meal, from scratch, to the women of the chapter is a primary goal for Chef Natalia. It is also the general College Chefs culture that she describes. While she tries to provide variety with her menu, the women of Alpha Chi Omega often ask her to repeat dishes again!

When her Area Manager was asked to describe her, he said, “Chef Natalia has been a fantastic asset to the College Chefs team. She has a great work ethic and a model attitude. Her personality absolutely clicks with the ladies in the chapter. Of course her food speaks for itself! She is in tune with what Alpha Chi Omega wants and needs from their food service and hits the College Chefs concept out of the park!”